Work Available on the Web

“The Invention of the Interstate System” (at Poetry Magazine)
“Waiting on Forty-Five (A Ghazal)” (at The Common)
“Sublet, Pay-Later System” (at Subtropics)
“Temporary Apartment”
and “My Grandmother’s Mouth, Postpartum” (at Memorious)
“Double Negative” and “California Drought”
(Connotation Press)
“Washington, DC”
(at Verse Daily)
“Swallow” (at Oxford American)
“Morphine” (at Slate)
“The Leach Pond” (at TriQuarterly)
“The Pass” and “Layover at the Airport in Detroit” (with audio at The Cortland Review)
“Mysticism in the Dark” (at Verse Daily)
“Heat” (at Beloit Poetry Journal)
“Curtain” and “Adaptation” (audio at the Stanford Storytelling Project’s “Off the Page”)

“Phantom” by Tomasz Różycki (at Guernica)
Online Exclusive: Three Poems by Tomasz Różycki (Two Lines)
“Third Planet” by Tomasz Różycki (The Kenyon Review)
Three Poems by Krystyna Dąbrowska (The Arkansas International)
Four Poems by Tomasz Różycki(Asymptote)
“Judith by Krystyna Dąbrowska (The Literary Review)
“Essential Features” and “There Is No Answer” by Tomasz Różycki (at Tupelo Quarterly)
“Wind” by Tomasz Różycki (Cagibi)
Web Exclusive: Poetry by Krystyna Dąbrowska (The Brooklyn Rail)
Five Poems by Tomasz Różycki (at Waxwing)
Four Poems by Tomasz Różycki (at World Literature Today)
“Ants and Sharks” by Tomasz Różycki (at Academy of American Poets)
“Scorched Maps” by Tomasz Różycki and “Guest Post: Tomasz Różycki on ‘Scorched Maps’” (at PEN America)
Nine Poems by Tomasz Różycki (at Trafika Europe)
“Totems and Beads,” “Firewater,” and “A Crossing” by Tomasz Różycki (at AGNI Online)
“Coral Bay” by Tomasz Różycki (at Poetry Daily)
“A Letter to A Young Poet” by Paweł Huelle (at Words Without Borders)
Three poems by Tomasz Różycki (at Words Without Borders)
Four Poems by Tomasz Różycki (at Unsplendid)
“Cinnamon and Cloves”
by Tomasz Różycki(at Little Star)
“Creoles, Mestizos,” “Missionaries and Savages,” and “Totems and Beads” by Tomasz Różycki (at PEN American Center)

Videos & Podcasts:
Reading with Jane Hirshfield and Ryan Teitman at City Lights Bookstore
Griffin Poetry Prize Reading with Carl Phillips, Brenda Hillman, Anne Carson, and others

“Coffee and Cigarettes,” a video about the Griffin Prize Nomination

Reading with Tomasz Różycki at the 92nd St. Y
Reading with Maggie Anderson at Kent State University
AWP Podcast Series, Episode 31: Translation as Collaboration / Collaboration as Translation

“A Conversation with Tomasz Różycki” (Music & Literature)
National Post, The Griffin Prize Q&A
“Every Poet Has to Be Lonely”: A Conversation with Tomasz Różycki and his Translators, World Literature Today
Poet to Poet: An Interview with Mira Rosenthal, Center for the Art of Translation
Feature Interview: Mira Rosenthal, Subtropics Magazine
“Strange Orchestrations: Mira Rosenthal and the Translation of Silence”(at Jacket 2)
Profile in New Times

Reviews & Articles:
“Voicing a Voice: Forty-nine questions about power, originality, performance, and what we mean when we talk about the translator’s voice in the translated text” (Kenyon Review)
“Getting Drunk in the Toolshed, or What I Do When I Translate” (at Waxwing)
“Friendships Between Ghosts” (PDF from American Poetry Review)
“Why Poets Translate” (PDF from American Poetry Review)
“On Translation and Temperament” (PDF from American Poetry Review)
“Writing Is Translation Is Writing” (PDF from American Poetry Review)
“The Languor and Airy Tenderness of Patrizia Cavalli’s My Poems Won’t Change the World” (at Kenyon Review Online)
“The Voice Under the Voice of Every Casual Word: Tom Sleigh’s Army Cats” (at Kenyon Review Online)
“Alice Oswald’s Memorial and the Reinvention of Translation” (at Kenyon Review Online)
Czesław Miłosz’s Polish School of Poetry in English Translation” (at Przekladaniec)
“An Offering for You, for Air, for Fire: On Tomasz Różycki’s Colonies (at Zone 3)