New Poem in The Literary Review

Thanks to the editors for including my poem “Washington, DC” in the latest issue of The Literary Reviewwhich is dedicated to the theme of “I Live Here.” Minna Proctor writes in her salient editor’s note:

Over the past year, I found it harder and harder to think of “I live here” as dissociated from “stand your ground.” The question of territory–over land, one’s body, one’s privacy–started to feel argumentative rather than metaphysical. One week, “I live here” means “I live here, too.” Another week, it means “get off my property” […] It is perhaps the very deep sense of division [after the election] that leads me to think “I live here” is a theme about diametric opposition and its disruptions.

I’m glad to be in dialog about such issues with the likes of Mary Ruefle, Jason Schneiderman, and the inimitable translator Jessica Cohen, among others.

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1 Response to New Poem in The Literary Review

  1. Bill says:

    This is a really interesting thematic idea. Look forward to reading your poem! Thanks, Mira.


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