New Translations in Words Without Borders

The September issue of Words Without Borders features my translations of three new poems by Tomasz Różycki and Paweł Huelle’s intriguing, quirky commentary on Różycki’s importance as a writer, for a writer. It’s all part of Words Without Borders’ ongoing “World Through the Eyes of Writers” feature.

My favorite part of what Huelle has to say: “The world that Tomasz Różycki shows us is neither sentimental nor straightforward nor unambiguous. It is a world of global reality, a postmodern mix of arrangements and styles in which the desire for meaning, even temporarily anchored, seems to be the dream of a daydreamer, a naïve seeker of something permanent from ads, TV frames, newspaper gossip, collective hysteria: words, the entire pop cultural pulp in which—whether we like it or not—we are sunk up to our ears. Even if we read Eliot and listen to Bach.”

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